Research Blog – A Case Study on Suffrage and Anti-Suffrage Propaganda

The following post will compare pro and anti-suffrage propaganda with a clear focus on imagery and will analyse the differences between them. This post will ultimately conclude that pro-suffrage propaganda utilised the more effective tactics when devising their propaganda. Firstly, it is crucial to understand the significance of this blog. It will aim to contribute to the... Continue Reading →


The Anti-Suffrage Propaganda (Badges)

I explored the Anti-Suffrage postcards in my previous blog post. Now, I will investigate a slightly different form of propaganda. Badges. So what makes badges significantly different to postcards? What it symbolises. People wear badges, they represent an identity; someone only typically wears a badge if they associate with what the badge represents. However, postcards do... Continue Reading →

The Anti-Suffrage Propaganda (Postcards)

Why were not all British women supporters of the suffrage movement? There were both male and female groups that opposed the Women's Suffrage Movement. This blog post will examine the use of postcards by Anti-Suffrage organisations. One significant postcard was titled "No Votes Thank you: The Appeal of Womanhood" (See Slideshow Banner) [1]. This postcard was... Continue Reading →

The “Open Christmas Letter” 1914

It is that time of year again! With Christmas fast approaching, I will be writing a seasonal blog post. I believe it is befitting to discuss the "Open Christmas Letter" of 1914. It is a perhaps an overlooked letter written by Emily Hobhouse who was a British humanitarian and pacifist who was famously against the Boer War [1].... Continue Reading →

“Deeds, not words”

How and why did Emmeline Pankhurst promote the idea of militancy in her letter to the WSPU in 1913? Militancy... the effective concept taken up by groups such as the Black Panther Party and the Ulster Young Militants decades later. The idea of using violence to achieve a goal. Emmeline Pankhurst promoted the use of... Continue Reading →

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